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Thomas MartelloneAuthor:
Thomas Martellone
Current Residence:
Medford, MA
Lexington Schools, Principal of Fiske Elementary School
BS Elementary Education, MS Educational Administration, EdS Educational Leadership
Educational Experience:
Teacher 5 yrs, Asst Principal 2 yrs, Principal 16 yrs

I am currently serving as the Principal for Fiske Elementary School in Lexington, Massachusetts. Fiske is a K-5 school with approximately 500 students, 115 staff members, and it is the district site for the ILP (Intensive Learning Program) that serves students on the Autism spectrum. Prior to my principal position in Lexington, I was employed by The Massachusetts Department of Education as a Manager in Urban District Assistance, working with low performing schools in the largest urban districts across the state. I worked for many years in Central Maine, six of which, I served as principal of Greene Central School in Greene, Maine.  Prior to that I was both principal and assistant principal at a small school outside of Augusta, Maine.  In the classroom, I taught grades 1,3, 4, 5 and six.

My Digital Portfolio
Thomas Martellone’s Digital Portfolio

My Professional Resume
Thomas Martellone’s Resume


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