Student Engagement: A Path to Learning

This summer I was fortunate to be selected as a presenter at NAESP 2016 in National Harbor, Maryland on student engagement as a means to increase student learning. Having been in education now for 23 years, and having seen numerous initiatives and fads come and go, I feel as though student engagement is a mindset […]

Principal Support: Staying Connected to Teachers

This past week, I was very busy working across many projects to get our school ready for opening day on August 30th.  It wasn’t unlike any other week I have had prior to a school opening.  Hallways had multiple pieces of furniture in them, supplies were being unpacked, students were being registered, and the usual […]

Misunderstood, but NOT Disconnected

In a recent post adapted from Kate Rousmaniere’s The Principal’s Office, The Principal: The Most Misunderstood Person in All of Education in The Atlantic describes the evolution of the principal since the early 1900’s.  As a current school principal, and a veteran principal of 14 years, I was able to make connections with this post […]

Creativity and Engagement in the CCSS Era

There have been many editorials over the past year or so with strong feelings that creativity and engagement have been taken from students and teachers in the classroom setting.  I had the good fortune this week to have two very excited and proud first grade students come to see me, making me realize that student […]

Mission and Vision: Which Direction Are You Rowing?

Have you ever been part of a team sport?  I’ve never been a person to participate in group sports activities.  Golfing and snowboarding are activities I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy doing on my own.  While I have never participated in it, rowing is one sport which requires a high level of interaction and […]

Common Core = Common Sense

As many of us have seen, the predominant literature in many educational publications recently has been about the Common Core, and most specifically, around ELA and non- fiction texts.  As I prepare to enter my 20th year in education, I am astounded by the groups which continue to promote the “pendulum effect” for our teachers.  […]