Principals-How Mindful Are You?

My school counselor asked me in the late spring if she could work with our school staff and present at some staff meetings on mindfulness.  I was happy to oblige and provide some small windows of time for her to present, not really giving a lot of thought as to what mindfulness meant to me. […]

Student Engagement: A Path to Learning

This summer I was fortunate to be selected as a presenter at NAESP 2016 in National Harbor, Maryland on student engagement as a means to increase student learning. Having been in education now for 23 years, and having seen numerous initiatives and fads come and go, I feel as though student engagement is a mindset […]

Principal Support: Staying Connected to Teachers

This past week, I was very busy working across many projects to get our school ready for opening day on August 30th.  It wasn’t unlike any other week I have had prior to a school opening.  Hallways had multiple pieces of furniture in them, supplies were being unpacked, students were being registered, and the usual […]

Why Educate “Whole Children”?

I was recently a finalist for a superintendency in a nearby district, and while responding to questions that were posed to me by the middle school staff during my site visit, I shared a story with them about some students at my current school. During the meeting with these educators, I told them that I […]

For a Million Dollars, You Could at Least…

It wasn’t long ago that Nancy Atwell, a US eighth-grade teacher from Maine fought off competition from 5,000 educators from across the world to win a one million dollar global teaching award.  I was particularly inspired having begun my teaching career in Maine and having worked in Maine for 15 years. Imagine, winning one million dollars […]

Data: Education’s New “Dirty” Word

It seems that in some circles, data has come to be one of education’s “dirty” words. I suspect I know why, and unfortunately, it is difficult to convince those people who think that way otherwise. Many professions, such as medicine, law, finance, and even construction use data on a regular basis to inform their work. […]